Saturday, September 19, 2009


*called Courtney at 9:30 and woke her up to go to the cutest fabric store in the world
*i am re doing / decorating my whole house as I am moving and have a clean slate
* visited Jodi in the hospital -love her- she had a gorgeous baby girl - Sylvia Jean-Ann
*Sylvia has coons so pray that she gets better quickly and can be with Jodi 

*got the baby bug. 
*but not really
*okay, maybe a little - i'll wait i promise

*had a happy meal- i am NOT proud - and didn't tell haven until late this evening

*my phone died
*went to "that pizza place"
*went to a halloween super store - it sucked
*my cable box arrived
*went to Spirit - found havens/ courtneys/ my halloween costumes
*ate dinner
*courtney packed
*courtney and i packed
*started to watch Big Bang season two

*had to find cat (wendel) he got outside at some point
*finished a post i started a week ago
*got a headache
*remembered a ton of stuff that i was supposed to do today - and it is now 11:59 and i don't think i have time to do it all _ t minus one minute until tomorrow
*am going to put finny (other cat) outside to fend for himself if he doesn't stop chewing on bubble wrap


*it is tomorrow 
*good morning

oh yes and 
* Lilee likes to run

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