Tuesday, August 25, 2009

shoes. pumpkin teeth. hannah montana.

Well what I said I wanted to happen didn't....to no fault of my own. Just kidding,  I completely forgot that I had set this blog up. But now I remember and I am really going to try and write as often as I can...or remember. 
So for starters (the second time around)Today was a great day. I went to a place I frequent, Babies In Bloom; for an attachment parenting group meet up. It was my first meeting and naturally, Faith and babies went with me. It was great, there were a lot of moms there. I think I talked too much for it being my first meeting and all. I'm sure some of the ladies wanted me to shut up. But what can I say (other than too much) I am talkative and opinionated at times and was just sharing my stories. As far as I am concerned they got off easy, I could have said plenty more haha. Lilee just sat there most of the time doing what she does best, eating. She found a little baby avocado in her purse. I looked over and she had eaten the top of it off. I was grossed out and just when I was going to do my infamous finger sweep she started spitting it out. It was pretty funny. 
After the meeting Lilee, Faith, Zion and I had a date with Cynthia and Liam. Jenny (Cynthias sister) and her adorable little 6 week old Evan was there too. It was so great to see her and the new little man. Lilee was in boy heaven. We talked, had a delicious lunch and then...Zion found the paper shredder.

He opened it up and took out all of the confetti. Liam joined in and they were eating it. It was so funny. They all loved it. Lilee would just take one piece of it at a time and shake it around and bounce. After that Lilee and I went home and played. Then next thing I knew it was 4:30 the house was a disaster and we didn't have anything for dinner, well nothing that sounded good to me. So we went on a shopping trip. She loves riding in the cart and pointing at things, and talking about everything. On the way there and back we rocked out to our new veggietales silly songs with larry cd. Complements of grandma. It is so funny, the lyrics crack me up. Then I get them stuck in my head. Haven was at work singing the song of the Cebu and some guy turns to him and says..."You watch too much Veggietales" I thought that was hilarious. And we only have one movie. We just listen to the cd's for now. 
 After we were home she fell asleep in the Ergo on my back, that gave me a chance to clean up and start dinner. Haven came home with a bouquet of flowers - so sweet. He played with Lilee while I made dinner, shepards pie with honey butter biscuts. Delicious.
We had a great family dinner and then danced around to some Bob Marley, Lilee really shakes it to reggae. Then she climbed in her shoe drawer that has been on the ground for the last day. She loves sitting in there and playing with her shoes. She will hold each one out to me and tell me all about it. Like what outfit they go with and how stylish they are. She's classy like that.
She cracks me up, how much personality a little girl have! We started playing this game...I will walk away from her with a big bounce in my step and all sassy shakin' it, then suddenly turn around and make a model pose. She thinks it is hilarious. Sassy walk, sassy walk, sassy walk....blow a kiss and she just screams she is laughing so hard. She is so my daughter and it is hilarious. I love that she thinks I am funny. I enjoy that quality in people.  I love to see her laugh - she tilts her head back like something is hilarious and her little top pumpkin teeth peek out. Hahaha she is soo cute. 
So Haven signed us up for Netflix, since blockbuster hates us, and he ordered the Hannah Montana movie. Wow...i know...i like Hannah Montana. Give me a break - Disney is the only network that doesn't show scary commercials and that's all I can watch at bedtime. So I, with the worlds population of teeny boppers and pre-teens got sucked in to Hanna Montana. And even worse, Haven started watching it with me and now we are going to watch the long awaited movie release.
nighty night.