Friday, September 4, 2009

this minute. right now.

Okay. So guess what is happening RIGHT NOW. Lilee is talking - as always - but her audience is Haven, Jason, Faith, Zion...and Coco. I love it. Courtney (coco), Lilee and I went to target. (the new one!!! that we love oh so much) and when we came home she said that someone had parked in my spot. Not really my spot - the neighbors that moved and i am stealing their spot- was a familiar van. FAITH AND JASONS VAN! I was so so so excited. I though that Haven had planned them coming over for dinner, since he talked about them a lot when he was home from work. 

Coco and I took Lilee, and the bunch of T bags (haha) and walked up the Jason crouched down Tiger, hidden dragon style over the semi - transparent baby gate at the top of our ridiculous windy/steep stairs.  Then Z and Faith popped out from behind our kitchen counter. Lilee screamed with excitement. 
I knew we were going to have a great night. And morning....since we almost always hangout until after midnight. 
.... I will let you know if it ends up as predicted.


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  2. Oh thank you so much for your spell check. How could I have over looked all of those mistakes. You have made me a better person.