Monday, September 28, 2009

on my mind on my heart

Christians ( people that follow Christ - be it Catholic, Christian etc. ) don't believe in miracles anymore...they don't believe in prophecy and they don't believe and live as if their God is living. And you know what Neither do non christians. So what sets them apart. That is the problem.

pray for miracles

pray for change pray for God to part sea's

they don't think big enough

and they don't think things are going to happen.

They don't pray with intent, knowledge, fear and trust.

I dont pray thinking God will not do the things I ask.  I pray expecting a surprise. I pray expecting a surprise.

they don't pray that way anymore. they don't . and it makes me sad.

I want better. I want more, I need more I can't thrive unless I have more. I need more truth, more life, more God. I need more than I am getting I can no longer be sustained on the few bites that I am being fed.

I see the changes in the world. Prophesies coming true, this is no smoke in mirrors. Read the Bible - read current events. Open your eyes. Things are happening weather you believe in the Bible or not. I'm sure you will find it interesting.

Haven told me about a dream he had when he was little. He said he doesn't remember what it was about but he remembers weeping heavily. There was a tragedy that happened and he was telling his mom how horrible it was and crying to her. He woke up and realized it was a dream. He heard God speak to him. This is what he said

This pain is what I go through every day - for everybody

this is how i cry for you and everybody everyday

 i weep for you

i long for you

i hurt everyday

because of how much i love you

there are a lot of people on the planet and He loves them,

The muslim terrorists, the people that want nothing to do with Him, the one's that set out to defy him, to disprove Him. But he still loves them.  He is separated from them and He hurts. It is being separated from your child and weeping for them. It kills you. And this is what He goes through everyday as He watches the world. And see's all of His children that will not embrace Him.  How sad that must be, I can not even begin to imagine.

I forgot to write this in my last post. But every time you have some sort of "luck"

it is Him, trying to get your attention. His way of tapping on your shoulder waiting for you to turn around and see His face. Just because you don't believe in Him doesn't mean He is not here, watching you, waiting for you, longing for you to realize he wants you - wants you to be happy. wants you to realize that you are BLESSED even though you don't know Him. He still loves you. He always will and He can't wait for the day that instead of saying " I am so lucky" you will say " I am so Blessed" because you already are.

I don't know if He has put this on my heart to share with someone in particular or just share. But I have been reminded of this over and over for the last week or so. So I hope it reaches who ever it was meant to.

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