Thursday, September 17, 2009


I am terrified of earthquakes. In my oceanography class a few semesters ago we learned about the giant earthquake that will hit and kill all of us. in a nut shell.  So last night around I don't know what time because I didn't look at the clock....I woke up to my bed shaking. "The earthquake of my nightmares"...i thought. I freaked out but was still frozen waiting to see if either it would stop or if the walls would start crumbling. I woke up Haven and asked if he felt the bed shaking. He said we jumped up and things were still shaking. We were about to grab Galilee when we looked at the glass of water on our night stand and it wasn't moving. ( I will always resort back to watching a glass of water after the scene from Jurassic Park) So there was no earthquake? What the hell was going on? Why was the bed shaking? And why did we both feel it and feel like we were shaking when we got up? weird. I was tripping out. My heart was racing and I was waiting to feel a real earthquake. Like  I had a 6th sense warning about one happening. 
We got back into bed and I was thinking " maybe I was having a psychic moment " when I started feeling the shaking again. I stopped breathing in panic for a second, sure that this time there was an earthquake...I was right! I did have a premonition about it and it was happening. I started to move out of bed slowly to not freak out Galilee when my foot grazed across Havens foot. There it was. The earthquake of my nightmares....It was Haven shaking his foot really, really fast for some crazy reason while he was sleeping. Ridiculous. 

So I went back to sleep. Happy to know that at least for that moment I would not have to worry about an earthquake. 

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  1. Do you keep glass of water always by the bed or this very reason? At least you will know if very large dinosaurs come as well!